Friday, December 5, 2008

Selfishness - Day 5

Today is my final day to post my selfish acts. I think that it has helped tremendously in my thought life, now I just need to resort it into my actions of not being selfish.

So today I did OK.

I was selfish by not getting up when I set my alarm. [But I did get up when my mom told me to an hour later so I wouldn't be late for work]
I was selfish by getting upset while I was at work.

I think that is actually all that I can remember. I'm POSITIVE I was selfish in more ways than three today, but I can only think of those specific three.

So as today ends the Selfishness 'series' you may wonder what I'm going to do next...Well, tomorrow I will be posting a few things from the devotions that I'm finishing up tomorrow. It was a 12 week study and my did it go fast! I will share with you on Sunday what I will do for next week! It's pretty exciting I think!!


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