Saturday, December 6, 2008

So fast...

Well, it is 10:15 at night, everyone is sleeping, and I have a little 5 year old hoggin up my bed. This week, this day has gone by so fast. One thing I have learned as I've gotten older is that time flys by so quickly. I remember being little and it felt like FOREVER to get somewhere. Now it seems as though there is not enough time. The little girl that's in my room is 5! 5! I have known her since she was a baby and soon she will be grown up.

I can't wait to be a wife and mother, but I realize that it all goes so fast, especially when you are wishing your time away. I need to be set in the here and now, though it is good to be prepared, what about today? How am I supposed to act? What are my thoughts to be? What should I be doing right now in my life?

After 12 weeks of the devotional called, Seeking Him, I realize how fast that 12 weeks go by. Going into the book I thought, man it won't be till after December when I finish this!! And here I am, a week into December [almost] and finished. The time has gone by so quickly. I have had a faithful accountability partner, {Lisa!} who gets to finish reading the devotional tomorrow. We set it up so that I would go through it daily and then on Sunday I would give it to her at Church, she would go through it in the afternoon, and give it back to me at Church that night. It worked quite well.

Each week was a new subject. There was a subject on forgiveness, humility, honesty, sexual purity, and many more. They have all shown me something different that I need to change in my life. I have started a standards list and have given a copy to Lisa and another friend, Rebekah.

Tomorrow I am starting a new devotion book called Think On These Things. It's based on Philippians 4:8. I plan on continuing to share with Lisa what I'm learning, it has definitely helped as I have built a regular devotion time.

I am also reading a Proverb a day as well as Luke.

Well, it is almost 10:30 so I best get going. Make sure to check in tomorrow afternoon to find out what my challenge for next week is going to be!!!


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