Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thursday at BJU

First of all, sorry I did not post yesterday. I was on here MULTIPLE times yesterday and just never remembered that, "oh hey, I need to make a post." My mind was not all here yesterday.

Thursday -
I got up after 7am sometime and got ready to go meet my admissions couselor and the group to eat Grab 'n' Go breakfast. After breakfast we went for a tour of campus. We got to see almost all of the buildings and it helped me really get a grasp on everything. I had been there before, but somehow this trip was more helpful.

After the tour I went back to my dorm room and got ready for Chapel. Dr. Bob Jones III did the teaching which was really cool, because he doesn't preach all that often any more. So while getting ready for Chapel there were a few problems...My mom and Gail lost each other. My mom finally came in and the head of the trip, Lisa, directed her to me and she was in a panick because she thought Gail missed Chapel. They finally found each other during lunch...Quite a fun experience. LoL!

After Chapel I went with Heather to get a Grab 'n' Go lunch to take back to the dorms to eat and then went with her to a literature class. It was pretty interesting. I learned at little bit about how to read into and fully understand a story.

Following that class we met up with my mom and Gail and went to the Life of Christ class with Heather. It was really interesting. We learned a lot about the birth of Christ and how so often we learn things that aren't fully correct.

Later we went on a tour we had signed up for in the Museum and Gallery. It was really really neat. We had a tour guide and she showed us how to read into the paintings and helped us understand. We weren't able to look at everything, so we decided to go back on Friday.

Next was supper. We all met at the girls bathroom and ate supper together.

Then we had to get ready for "The Main Event." I have been to College Up Close before, so I knew what the Main Event was. We started out play a game called "Are you smarter than a Counselor." Following that we played hocker. For those of you that don't know what hocker is...Well, if you are like me, you would probably not prefer it, but if you are competitive and like a lot of action and chaios...Then you would probably enjoy it a lot! After the games we went and had a snack of fruit and frozen slush things. We got to talk to a lot of the counselors and amongst ourselves for a while. Then they did a cool skit, sang songs, and Matthew did a devotion time. It was all really good.

After that I went back to my dorm room, got a shower and all ready for bed, and then we fit...60. people in our small dorm room. Crazy, I know. We had a WHOLE hall devotion/meeting thing. What she taught about was GREAT though! I'll be making a special post just for the room devos I heard later.

Well, that is the end of Thursday.



Heather Barclay said...

Em, did you eat in the girls bathroom????

Emily said...

Haha...No...LoL...I can see how you got confused. LoL!! Wow, I'd change that but I think I'm just gonna leave it like that...