Friday, October 24, 2008


Okay, so I don't know why I haven't had much on my mind lately. I guess it has been my overwhelming amount of being around other godly people. Last Saturday I went to a Ladies Conference and a somewhat neighboring Church. I went to 4 different classes. They were all really good!

The 1st one I went to was Child Rearing 101. It was really interesting and I think it will help me to understand things a little better when I have children.

The 2nd one I went to was called Meals in Minutes. It was really fun. We learned about different ways to cut prep time, and ideas for shopping and storing things. Even how to organize your fridge and freezer.

The 3rd class I went to was called Home Decorating 101. It was really good as well of course. Two ladies were in charge of the class. One of them would read or talk about something spiritual, and the second would show us different decorating tips to go along with the theme we learned in the small lesson.

The 4th class was called Superwoman Syndrome. It was all about motherhood, and other things just juggling everything. But it gave really helpful hints and thoughts on lots of different mothering things.

It was a great time!


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