Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blog Break...

I'm soo sorry everyone, but I need to take another blog break. Last time it was so I could revamp my blog...

This time it's because I really need to be doing other things. I work soon to be back to 4 days a week, but it's coming into the holidays, and by the end of November I'll probably be working more.

I've been getting behind in my school some and I really need to focus most of my attention to that so I can get done early like I wanted to. This is my senior year, and I want to be finished up by the end of April.

Also, I feel like no one is reading my blog when no one comments. I know some of you do, but after a week or two I get discouraged about it.

My final reason is that I just haven't had any good thoughts about posting. I need to get my schooling done and then I might come back before Christmas and do a study, but I'm not sure yet. If not, then I will be back January 1st with a schedule that I WILL stick to.

Thank you and if you want to email me my email is volleyball_penguin13@yahoo.com. I usually check it daily, but I might go to every other day soon.

Thanks so much for understanding!


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Mare said...

I know what you mean, sometimes I feel like no one reads my blog either. However; it is a great way for me to just journal my thoughts. I'm sure people are reading, they sometimes just don't know what to say or are afraid. Good luck during your break.