Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pray for Missionaries

Hey everyone,

I have a prayer request for a guy from my church. He is going into the mission field for 8 days to the Philippines. He will be leaving Friday night and will be coming home next Saturday sometime. He and 2 other men will be preaching to pastors in the Philippines. Please pray for these 5 things he has requested...

1] The pastors that will be attending.
2] Transportation connections.
3] The health of him and the 2 other men.
4] The other people that will be attending the conferences.
5] Safe travel for the people that will be attending. There will be people traveling for many hours [4 or more] JUST to hear a day of conferences.

There is one more prayer request and that is for his wife and 4 young children. Plus the one on the way. His wife has been having sickness in her pregnancy and it'd be great if she would be better while he is gone.

Thanks for praying!!!


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