Friday, October 3, 2008

One DOES Make a Difference

In Elections class last week Mrs.Shawley mentioned something about people that don't vote. Her comment was along the lines of people think that they are only one vote, and that one vote doesn't make a difference.

Well, yes, that is true, but with a LOT of people that think that way it DOES make a difference. You have one person saying that they don't believe one vote matters, and then another person thinking I think thats true, and stop voting themselves, then that can lead to a lot of people not voting.

I was thinking today, how we as Christians often have that same view on witnessing. Well, it's just me, not telling someone isn't going to make a difference. But seeing as how many people can have that same thought [or people having the fear of man] many of us don't witness to others as we should.

Just a few more thoughts in my random mind. Hope you liked it!

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