Thursday, October 2, 2008

Heart Motives

What does the Bible say about the heart? It says it is deceitful and wicked. [Jeremiah 17:9]

So why do we listen to our heart is so many areas of our life? The Bible specifically says that it is deceitful. Would you listen to someone if you knew that they always lied? I know I wouldn't.

We often are in a subjective mode. Subjective means to decide something based on feelings or what your heart tells you. We need to have an objective view on life. Objective means that it does not include heart feelings but that it is based solely on facts. Facts are objective.

I find myself often times listening to what my heart says and not really asking God for help. I've been realizing this a lot in my life lately. So my new 'resolution' is to always look for my motive for doing something. Why am I calling this person? Why am I going to this place? Why am I reading this? Anything you can think of, I'm trying to get a question for everything I do. I don't want to do something in vain [meaning empty or pointless] I want to do things with a purpose.

Hope you enjoyed my random thoughts.

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On a Joyful Journey! said...

wow Em - this is VERY GOOD! so great to hear the things the Lord is teaching you... these things seem very helpful and an encouraging way to grow and change in productive ways in Christ-likeness!