Monday, August 4, 2008

Reader's Choice -- Prayer Binder

I've been doing a devotional book called "A Young Woman's Call to Prayer" by Elizabeth George. It explains about making a "Prayer Binder." I have just stared mine and will post more about it in the future. But I'll give you a small overview.

Currently I have 3 sections. I have a prayer section, a praise section, and a specific prayer section.

In the "Prayer Section" I have all prayer requests listed. Things such as friends needs, my needs, family needs, praying for our nation, anything like that.

The "Praise Section" has a list of things I can randomly go to when I feel like nothing is right, and praise God for. I have things like specific friends, my job, weather, salvation, and anything I can be thankful for at any time.

Now the last section, "Specific Prayer" is the section I have made from lots of advice in the book. Elizabeth George mentions pick something specific that you want to think and pray about and write it at the top of a piece of paper. Following that you must ask yoursefl 4 questions. Ask each question, one by one, and write down the answers with whatever pops into your mind first.

Question 1] Why would I do this? (Remember to confess unbiblical motives)
Question 2] Why would I not do this? (Remember to rule out anything that goes against God's Word)
Question 3] Why should I do this? (Remember to look for reasons from God's Word)
Question 4] Why should I not do this? (Remember to obey and please God)

Here is a sample of my specific prayer/thought request that I've been thinking about. I answered my questions on July 29th. {I need to ask myself these questions again} The goal is to continue having different {or the same if they are correct answers} until you have a full godly prespective on the matter.


#1-Why would I do this?
Answer--It would increase my education. {decent answer}
-Heather, Lauren and Bria would like me to go. {I should probably not go JUST becacuse of this answer...}
-To find a guy to possibly marry. {This is a questionable answer. It can't be my ONLY reason, but it is not a 1/2 bad answer. My motives in finding a guy must be pure though. Such as, because it is BJU, I could find a guy that would have the same beliefs and goals as myself.}

#2-Why would I not do this?
Answer--Financial issues {this is not a proper answer, because if it is the Lord's will, He will provide}
-Too far from home {this also is not a proper answer, because the Lord will give me strength. He will help me find other friends, along with the fact that I would already have 3 down there}
-Scared/nervous {there is comfort in the Lord}

#3-Why should I do this?
Answer--To increase my knowledge of keeping a home. {because I plan on taking Family and Consumer Sciences, so it would help me in most areas of life}

#4-Why should I not do this?
Answer--If it is not the Lord's will.

That is my sample. It is straight from my notebook. It's been very challenging reading the book and knowing that I don't often turn to God before my friends. I need to keep in mind that if I run into an area of problems, I first need to pray, and THEN seek counsel of Godly friends.

I hope you all enjoyed my small insight of my prayer binder. I'll add more as it comes. I'm still not done with the book yet, so there might be more to add.

Thank you all who read my blog!!!


On a Joyful Journey! said...

Thanks for this "Reader's Choice" posting... It reminded me of the verse in I Thessalonians 5 about how we should "pray without ceasing"! Your thoughts and comments on Elizabeth George's books are helpful... Take care!

Jo said...

Hi Emily-thanks for sharing! I am excited to read the things you are learning about prayer. We have a great God who is worthy of our praise!