Monday, July 7, 2008


So we went to the cabin over the weekend. It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I decided to go. We left Thursday evening after we ate some supper and got the van packed up. Drove the 2 hours and something to get up there and did I mention, my cousins didn't know I was going?! So on the way there we were trying to devise a plan to get them good.

{Pictures of the Cabin}

I know just 3 pictures, but it gives you a LITTLE insight anway!
So when we got close to the cabin I layed down on the ground and Jesse [my brother] threw blankets and pillows on me. They unpacked the van and stuff and the plan was that they were going to call my cell phone, I was going to talk for a little bit and then be like, well I have to go to the bathroom so I'll talk to you later {which I REALLY had to do} and then hang up and walk out of the van to the outhouse. Haha, sadly... We don't have that great of service at the cabin...So lying on the floor of the van made no service at all. So I just sat up when Harry came to get some wood. He didn't even LOOK TOWARDS ME!!! So my dad was like, "You're supposed to look over there." And he did and he was surprised. At that time my cell phone started vibrating and it was Alyssa, but she was on the porch and saw me through the van window. Even though it didn't work out the way we PLANNED, they were all still surprised. And it was a ton of fun.

So we just kinda hung around the cabin Thursday night, sat at the fire, got settled in and stuff.

Friday we ate breakfast didn't do much all morning and then went to the beach in the afternoon. I did NOT plan to get in the water the whole way, but Josh had to go and splash me so bad that I was like, whatever and just went under. :) :) Then we went for paddle boat rides and went back to the cabin. Got cleaned up a little and went to Brockway to watch fireworks. It was a neat little town and there were a TON of people. I'll post pictures of the fireworks later.

Saturday we went and picked blueberries in the morning, went to the beach for a little while, and made blueberry pie before we left to go out for supper. We went to a place called "Denny's Beer Barrel Pub." They all went there when they had went in January, and it's now going to the thing to go there once every time we go up I guess. It was sooooo good!! There are like 16 pages of menu. SOOO many food options!!! I had looked at the menu at home before we went and had decided on a Pizza Burger, but we had burgers Friday night and I wasn't really in the mood. So I looked at the menu a bit and decided to go with the "Ham-a-boli." It was SO good!! It had ham and pepperoni with a pizza like sauce, and then french fries all wrapped in a tortilla shell. It was delicious!! Then we went home and had blueberry pie, my mom scared me and Alissa while we were sitting at the fire, by going behind the cabin. Poor little Matthew who is like 5 was so scared! So my mom kinda felt bad. But he just was like, "Andrea, you weren't very nice for scaring us!!" He's so cute!!

Sunday we got ready to leave and stuff and then I drove all the way home! Whoot! It wasn't that bad. I got home got cleaned up showered and pretty and went to my friend Faith's graduation party. I wasn't sure how it would be since I didn't really know anyone that was going to be there, but it turned out to be a ton of fun. Everyone was nice and we all had a blast. I got home at 10 which I guess I should consider my curfew now, and went to bed around 11.

I'll be posting more pictures when I get to a better internet service. It takes to long here at my house.

Now today, I got up about 8:15 or so, and ate breakfast and stuff. I got my essay done for english and now I need to catch up on some of my devotions that I didn't keep up with very well while I was at the cabin.

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Growing in Grace said...

Hi Emily,
Lisa shared with me the name of your blog, and I thought I'd check it out! These pictures of the cabin look familiar-it is hard to beleive that it has been about 20 years since I have been there! I am so glad to hear that you are looking to the Lord. I have been learning that He is all sufficient as well. I look forward to seeing future posts and wanted to let you know I am praying for you! Keep growing in the Lord!
Love, Jo