Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So I've been working on cleaning my room since before I left for the cabin...I should probably take pictures of how it looks now so I can compare later. It is SUCH a mess right now!! I got my bed and my bookshelf moved but everything else is in the middle of my room, I can't get to my closet...It's crazy!

I've been learning through this that I have a loooot of junk that I don't need. But I have things that remind me of special memories and I've been question whether I should keep certain things or not, simply because I have good memories. But I've been trying to get rid of some stuff...I'll post pictures later!!

I'm caught up with my Proverbs and Psalms devotions. But I'm just going to keep at the same pace with the contentment book, I'm not going to worry about rushing to get that done cause I want to take my time on that!

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On a Joyful Journey! said...

Em - so neat to read your interesting life adventures and events! Thanks for sharing and I love the post with pictures... Hope to see more :)! And maybe some with you in them? Ok, so I know you can't really take the picture very well and be in it at the same time, but maybe someone could take a few of you in your "MESSY" room and then later in your "CLEAN" room. Like BEFORE and AFTER pictures, you know? Alright, so I'll stop making suggestions and get off here. Take care - Lisa :)