Monday, December 17, 2007

New Year

Hi everyone,

I just figured I'd give you all a little peek into what I'm planning in my devotional life for the new year.

I'm starting off January 1st with reading the Bible in 90 days. [See link on right -way down there-] That will last until March 30th. I am inviting whoever wants to to join with me. I will be posting what you need to read, or you can print the schedule. So far Molly is joining with me. I will be keeping tabs if you want to join me, meaning e-mails or another form of finding out if you're reading it...Then I will post everyone's name that completed it on March 31st, along with a certificate that you can print out and sign.

That's 1/4 of the year already. I MAY do another devotional book at that time, but I'm not sure. I will of course be reading those 'inspiring' type books. Just not a daily devotional unless I find I can handle it.

I just remembered...ALL of the year I'll be doing a short devotional every day out of a book called "God & I Time Treasures Volume 2". It gives you Scripture to read every day and then a small space to record what you learn.

Then starting March 31st, Molly and I are doing a devotional book together called "Beyond the Sun" and that is going to last 7 weeks. During that time I MAY do a different devotional as well, but like I said, I don't want to overwhelm myself and then quit.

Following that I am going to do a deep devotion time with the book "Seeking Him" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It is 12 weeks long. I listened to some of the recordings that go along with it and I think it will be VERY good for me. I MAY try and do it during the 90 days through the Bible, but like I said, I don't want to overwhelm myself...

Following that I am going to do another 12 week study in a book called "Up".

So far that is all I have, along with all of the books I would LIKE to read in my reading list.

Well, that's all for today,


P.S. --I will also be working on my binder more next year. I'll be posting about my binder tomorrow...


Molly said...

Sounds like you're going to be doing some really good devotionals, Emily! I found one called "Authentic Beauty" [the link is on my blog] that looks really good. I want to do it next year, so mayybee I will.
Oh, there's a teen edition? I didn't even realize that. But yeah, the book is really good [the regular one]. I haven't finished it yet though... haha.

But I love how your planning everything out for the new year. I need to do some more planning too.

Emily said...

Yes, I can't wait.

Actually, I was looking at the site yesterday...Haha. That is one of the books on my book list that I want to get. And I thought her music was fairly decent.

Yes, there is a teen edtion...but it is very small...Haha.

Thanks for the comment!