Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Future Keeper of the Home Binder

Okay, first I'm going to tell you how/where I got the idea and all that. My friend Lisa who is married with 4 kids, has a binder called 'Keeper of the Home'. It is very useful for her because she keeps her devotions things about the kids and other many things in it. She introduced it to me. The site that SHE got it off of is http://myblessedhome.blogspot.com/2007/06/welcome-to-hmb-university.html#article. You can see how to make it. Also, the woman who has the 'university' is married and has kids and a house to take care of. So there are a lot of things I just looked at but didn't add.
So here is the front cover of my binder...
Okay, so my binder is called 'Future Keeper of the Home.' The verse on the frong its Psalm 62:5 which says, "My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from Him."

Next is the front slot and the pencil and tabs holder along with all the other pens and things...

Following that is the 'Schedules/Routines' section. It is the first section in my binder.

The verses on this page are Proverbs 16:9; Proverbs 16:3; 1 Corinthians 14:40; Ecclesiastes 3:1; and 2 Timothy 3:10. You can look those up for yourself.

Within the schedules/routines I have a 'routines' page. I have a 'morning routine', 'school routine', and a 'before bed routine.' It just lists the main things.

Then is the 'block schedule' which has 4 blocks. 1] Morning Block; 2] Afternoon Block; 3] Daily Duties Block: 4] Evening Block

Following is the 'daily duties' page which has each day and what my 'duties' are on each day of the week. Such as Monday I have declared 'paper day' when I go through papers and weed through old stuff and go through magazines or scrapbook. Friday is 'office day' when I print things I need for my binder and organize computer stuff and things of that nature.

Then a daily 'To Do List' with main things I need to get done each day.

And finally in this section is the main schedule. With a time/day frame.

The reason for ALL of these different yet similar pages is to go with each day. Each day is different, no one has a perfect life. So sometimes you need to use one schedule and another day you need another to keep on track.

Next is the 'Menus/Eating/Food' Section...

This section isn't really complete at all. Until I live on my own it won't be the greatest. So far in this section I have/plan on having a meal guide for when I make supper or any meal. So that I have at least some ideas and I'll record new things that I make. The verses on the cover are Mark 4:28 and Proverbs 13:25.

Next is the 'Inspiration' Section...

This section is for inspirational things that I may come across and want to read from time to time. So far I have a article about music that I like to read and get a reminder of why I have the standards I do. The verses on the cover are Job 32:3; John 3:3; and 2 Timothy 3:16.

Following that is the 'Devotions' Section...

I plan on finding/have found some online devotionals that you can print out. I'm going to put them in here for future times when I for some reason to have a book. The verses on the cover are Joshua 14:8 and Matthew 6:21.

My 'so far' final section is the 'Prayer/Praise' Section...

In the Prayer/Praise section I have a small inspiring thing about prayer and how to pray. Then I have a weekly prayer sheet that I adapted. I plan on making a daily prayer sheet to add as well. Along with God's many blessings that He provides. The verses on the cover are 1 Timothy 4:5; 1 Choronicles 16:11; Matthew 7:7; Job 22:27; Psalm 88:9; and Proverbs 15:29.

The FINAL picture I have is the back part. I have extra page protectors and paper as well as a folder to keep things I don't have time to add.

I hope that you will take the time and look up all of the verses mentioned. It would be worth it. I plan on adding MANY more sections such as Homeschooling, Cleaning, and Fitness for example. And of course I plan on adding things to the sections I already have.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Make sure to vote for the one coming January 1st!



Molly said...

Love it, Emily! Yours came out much, much better than mine did. I should really make a new cover for mine. I didn't put my best into it and I was frustrated while I was doing it... I definitely don't want to think about that everytime I look at my binder!
I threw out my schedules the other night. They weren't working for me, and I wasn't following them. I'm probably going to be making up some new ones soon, though, for the new year. Ones that will actually work for me.

brclybunch said...

I know of a few websites...but it may be helpful for myself and your other bloggers to know of the websites you used for your binder.

It looks wonderful by the way. Looking forward to seeing it in person.