Sunday, December 9, 2007

Looking Back {We're all grown up!}

Yesterday my friend Erin got her license!! So today after Church we went to town, ate lunch, and shopped a little bit. No parents.

It really got me to thinking, you wait allll those years wanting to get to that age where you don't have to be under your parents full authority. You wanna make decisions on your own and do what you wanna do. As kids not being raised in a 'strong' Christian home, you don't really see the value of just 'enjoy what you have while you have it'. I look back, I don't regret feeling that way, but I think when you get to this age [for some its older or younger] you really see what you kinda missed. You see what your parents were talking about.

Being 16, I sometimes feel like I 'know everything' but I have been working on not acting that way. I know older people are MUCH wiser than me and can give me great advice. I often cut people off when they are giving me advice I have heard. "Yes, I know! You don't need to tell me I've heard it a million times!!!" I can respond that way. But it is not the proper way to respond. I need to humbly be told the advice because the more I hear it, the more of a chance I will remember it later on.

Titus 2:3-5 is one of my favorite passages. I encourage you to read it. As younger women need to look up to the older women, and set a good example of the girls that are young then us. Someone is always watching...



Molly said...

Yes, I can think the same way about getting advice, Emily. And this was a good post... God's been working on me in this area actually! Like sometimes I feel like I want to get older so I can do more things and be more independent, but then I think, "No. I'm the age that I am and I need to stop trying to waste my time away and instead spend my years wisely!" We're only young once, and we need to be spending our time wisely. I'm glad God's been continuing to open your eyes to things, Emily!

Emily said...

That's great Molly!! Glad you've been working in this area as well!

brclybunch said...

Trust me Em...we ALL have a lot to learn.

Just be careful out there by yourself.