Saturday, December 8, 2007

We All Fail Sometimes

In my devotions today I was reading Table Talk. It has a devotion for every day. It's an older one...

Anyway, it was talking about Noah. When you think of Noah I'm sure you also think that he was a great man and he went through the time of the flood. Well, yes, that is all true. But he also commited a sin soon after. He became drunk and left himself uncovered. Following, his son saw him, and instead of covering him, he went and told his brothers [gossip]. The fact of the matter was that even though you may be really great spiritually, we can all fail. Maybe not that far, but we all make mistakes, and fail. One thing it says that I really liked was, "Sometimes those who, with watchfulness and resolution have, by the grace of God, kept their integrity in the midst of temptation, have, through confidence, and carelessness, and neglect of the grace of God, been surprised into sin, when the hour of temtation has been over." Think about that...We may get through a hard trial with God's grace, and then carelessly fall into sin.

Remember to pray that after you conquer one temptation, that you may not fall into another.

Hope you all have a great day!

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Alyssa said...

I do gossip, and I'm trying to stop, but that is deff something I wouldn't gossip about!