Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Quick Update

Hey guys!

Sooo soo sorry I didn't post yesterday!! I was home all morning doing things and then we went to the Cookie Exchange with my church. And came home with Lisa. I got up at 4:18AM THIS MORNING!!!!! Can you believe that?!?! I woke up thinking it was late and that Lisa had tried getting me up then I looked at the time on my laptop and it said 4:18!! I was like WOW! And I stayed up! I listened to yesterdays message from Revive Our Hearts and it talked about baby dedication and how you should dedicate your child(ren) to the Lord.

I did my devotion time after doing a few more things on the computer. Then the kids started getting up and we played. I had my german class and after lunch I went with Lisa to her chiropractor[sp?]/therapy appointment. It was neat. I will eventually have to do something similar because I know I have back problems already because I like to spoil children! Hehe. But I just can't do that whole chiropractor thing...It just -shiver-.

Well, I had a very profitable day and I got to talk to Lisa about a LOT of things. It's so amazing what randomly comes up. But it is always something that one or both of us need encouragement, or remindance. It's amazing how the Lord works!

Well, I best go. I'm going to listen to today's Revive Our Hearts and then go to bed.



Molly said...

That's so great you're continuing to learn a lot Emily!! I hope you have another GREAT day tomorrow!

Ally said...

I had a really bad fall when I was young and I had to go to the chiropractor for a few years. It feels so good to get adjusted!