Monday, December 1, 2008

Selfishness - Day 1

Today I wasn't too selfish. I think that knowing that I would have to post things online and keeping accountable to others helped me. Of course the Lord helped me as well.

1. I was selfish when I didn't get up right away when my mom asked me to.
2. I was selfish when I waited to feed the dog until right before I left for work [around 1]
3. I was selfish when I complained in my head about not having 'good' cereal. I should be thankful for what I DO have.

I think that being at work helps a lot. When I'm home [as I will be tomorrow] there are often more reasons I get selfish.

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Bethany said...

Hey Emily!! You are photographing a wedding?! That is so exciting!! You asked for tips and ideas...I'd definitely recommend checking out this webpage: He has a whole page of tips and ideas for beginning photographers -- I've spent hours browsing around. :) If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!!