Friday, October 17, 2008

Saturday's Trip Home [and a few other things]

So Saturday's trip home was fun. I sat with new people and got to know a few more people, as well as Matthew told more stories about China and lots of other things. I think the bus ride is always one of my favorite things. After we dropped the other kids off and had the rest of the almost 3 hour ride back to our stop, Matthew talked to me for a while about college and let me read the The Rebelution article on college and why they decided to go. It really is only 4 [unless you go more] years of your life. It can only better a person. So there's not much to loose.

Also, hmm...This week has been kind of uneventful. Sunday a whole bunch of people were sparatically at my house. Monday -Thursday was pretty much just work and school. Today is going to be different though.

After work we have co-op and then I'm going shopping with my friend. Then she is spending the night, we are planning on watching "Facing the Giants" and "Though None Go With Me" tonight. Tomorrow is a ladies retreat at a semi-ly local Church. They have a one-day ladies retreat every other year and always invite our Church to attend. This is the first year I will be going and I'm REALLY excited!!

Well, that's all the updates I guess...


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