Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So comes the time of the year when butterflies are everywhere. So a few weeks ago we had a few caterpillars in our old fish tank. We put milk weed in it and a few sticks. We ended up giving a few away to younger kids that wanted to see the process. We had two left. We missed them going into the chrysalis but today, after almost 2 weeks of waiting, they came out of their chrysalis and I got to witness the first one!!! Here are a few pictures and a few videos. I will say that a butterfly has to have a lot of perseverance to come out of the chrysalis. It was soooo cool!! It reminded me that even though it's hard to go through life as a Christian, we need to have perseverance to get through our trials, just like a butterfly! In the end, it will be beautiful.

Here's a picture of the butterfly literally seconds before it started to hatch out.

I was going to post a video of the butterfly coming out of the cocoon, but it was taking a really long time...sooo here are a few pictures...[I will post the video next week sometime]

This is what it looked like after it dried off.

And here is a little 'photoshoot' we did with it...

Whenever you see a butterfly this week think of how much perseverance it had and how beautiful it looks now. Remember the butterfly when you go through struggles and remember to persevere through the hard times because the end will be fruitful!


Gregory said...

Omg, awesome pictures. How are the butterflies that calm? I never see them sitting still in real life.

Emily said...

Well actually, this morning when I looked out they are still outside on the sticks we had them on. I think it takes one or two days until their wings are completely dry enough for them to fly away. But I totally know what you mean! It was awesome to get to hold one!

amanda said...

That's a wonderful analogy of the Christian life! Such a beautiful butterfly - my sister "raised" a few butterflies once. It was so neat to watch them grow in their chrysalis. :-)

Bonnie Faber said...

I love the pictures!! =)

By the way, I finally put you on my bloglines (which I just got, actually) so I can be sure to read all your posts. =)