Monday, September 29, 2008

20 Things I Love About Fall

Last Monday was the first day of fall and I read a few blogs that had welcomed fall. So I wanted to post 20 things that I like about fall...

20 Things I Love About Fall

1) Crisp mornings

2) Colorful leaves

3) Bundling Up

4) Cool sunny evenings

5) A warm house

6) Fog in the mornings

7) Pumpkin pie

8) Hot soup

9) Slowing down of my schedule

10) Butterflies

11) Getting ready for the holidays

12) Smell of baked goods

13) Changing of the seasons

14) Seeing my breath

15) Fall decorations

16) Apple cider

17) Fun socks and slippers

18) Fall flowers

19) Earthy toned colors

20) Hay bales


kaleb said...

numbers six and fourteen are the same

Emily said...

Sorry! Thanks for telling me Kaleb!

Is that better?