Monday, August 25, 2008

Prayer Request

Hey everyone!

I need to ask you all a favor. My dad hasn't been feeling well since last Thursday evening. Friday he had the day off work to go to Idlewild, but he didn't go with us because he was too weak. Yesterday morning after my brother and I left for Church, my mom took him to the hospital to see what's been going on. They did blood work and things and right now we don't know what's wrong. Pray that the doctors would have wisdom and knowledge while looking at the results and be able to correctly tell us whats wrong.

I've seen my dad slightly sick with a head cold before, but he really worries me. I'm working on letting the Lord move my heart and trusting Him, but it's so hard when its a family member in pain.

Pray that my dad would get his strength back and that he would be alright!

Thank you!!!!


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