Monday, July 21, 2008

Quick Overview

This weekend was quite a busy one!! Friday I got home and we went out to eat, got home and got ready for bed.

My first day at the farm on Saturday was awesome! I got up at 4:45 am, [and for those of you who know I'm NOT a morning person know that means I was determined!] I got there at 6am and helped milk the cows, and feed them. Later on we got to go for a horse ride!! We went for a hour and an 1/2 to 2 hour trail ride. I rode the big draft horse called JuJu. When we got back 3 of the girls took me down to the river at the beaver dam and they swam around a little until I had to leave. These are just a few of there horses...They have 8 horses all together.

Then I came home around 3 and had to get ready for Jason and Nathan's birthday party. So I got a quick shower and then got made fun of my Jeff the rest of the evening because he heard me telling my friend that my hair probably smelled because I was rushing and didn't wash it. That was definitely a mistake. We had a ton of fun there. And then I ended up going to Heather's house for the night. We watched some of a movie because I fell asleep during it, but what I did see was pretty good.

Sunday Jeff was teasing me again about smelling like a cow so I had to correct him that I spent the night at Heather's and got to wash my hair. It was funny though. After a GREAT message done by Pastor Baker we had to go to my Aunt Nancy's surprise birthday party. That was a lot of fun! These are the clouds that stared rolling in at the party. It got REALLY REALLY windy and the tents they had set up started to blow. The one blew off, and then everyone just started taking the tents down and we moved into the garage. It rained pretty hard for a while, then stopped and kind of just trizzled. It was fun though...

After that my mom took me to the Church before she took Grammy home. Pastor Mike did a WONDERFUL sermon about 7 myths that society believes. I will post about it later.

And that brings me to today. This morning I have gotten 4 lessons of my english done! So now I need to continue getting ready for work!

By the way, the pictures in the below post were done by me. Lisa thought I found them on a website. She was so excited when she found out I had actually taken them.


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