Monday, June 30, 2008

Shopping Day

Today I went shopping with my mom, grandma, Alissa, and Molly. My goal for the day was to get a new camera. And I did. I got a very nice camera with which I'll be doing small photo shoots hopefully starting in the next month or so. [so if you want pictures done, call me and we can plan something!!]

We were in JC Penny's finishing up our shopping day when we ended up in the section of bathing suits... I was going to get a new one, but I do need one because my one from about 2 years ago is getting a bit small. So by the grace of God there was a tankini top that was modest enough for me to get. ALSO, there was a full piece similar to it that I liked because it has a built in skirt to it. So I got both of them and WOW! I NEVER have that much luck with finding swim wear. I told my mom, we just need to not plan on shopping for that kind of stuff, and just let it find us. Because when we do, we end up arguing because we can't find anything and the day ends in a bad mood. But thankfully I found TWO that I liked and can wear! {by the way, I DO have bottoms that fit already in case any of you were wondering...haha.}

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Ally said...

lol u sound like my sister and my mom when they go shopping! lol. She has to try like 100 things one over and over before she decides. I personally usually like the first 2-3 things I pick out...