Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just an update

Sorry guys, it's been a few days...I've been really busy with work and trying to do school and trying to figure things out...

I'll just give an update and then later I'll post something I've been learning...

Wednesday I had a sore throat, so I didn't go to work. And then I worked Thursday and Friday. Yesterday was a long kind of day. I had cramps and my foot hurt REALLY bad because of the way I sit...[sidenote--Heather, you are at least not starting these problems until you're older...try starting them when your 16!!] But I went to Phil's computer shop so I could get Photoshop on my computer for school. And Jesse played a game on the computers. Then we went to Rebekah's house for Isaac's birthday party! [We were there early...]

The party was fun. All the guys, and myself, played football like games...I ACTUALLY caught the ball!!! ANDDDD it was DARK OUTSIDE!!! I was like so shocked I caught the ball that I almost forgot what I needed to do. And no one knew I had the ball, so I ran towards the goal...Only, I didn't know how far it really was until the goal, so I ended up stopping, like 2 feet away from where the goal was, but then we got a point anyway...It was so awesome!

Well, now that's all over, and its Sunday morning. I have done my devotions, and gotten ready for Church. Now I need to eat breakfast, brush my teeth and I'm ready to go. I'll hopefully post something else a little later...

Have a great day everyone!!


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