Thursday, January 3, 2008

Reader's Pick

I'm really sorry I didn't get this in yesterday...

Okay, so all of you should know, I'm homeschooled. I do cyberschool which is technically public school...But you have way more options. We attend a co-op class which is for homeschoolers in the area and I have a few friends there. At co-op this past fall I took a World View class. It was interesting to see the way each group, (Biblical Christianity, Humanism, Marxism, and ) believes in different things. There was Theology and Science, and a good many other things we learned about the different groups believing.

Then we got to Society. We spent a good amount of time on that. Here is what REALLY caught me and made me even more thankful that I was homeschooled...

She was talking about how in public schools in D.C. they were/are trying to push that kids had to start school when they were 4. They have us for 12/13 years, depending on Kindergarten, and they have you for at least 6-8 hours a day. Thats a HUGE portion of your life that you spend in school. They teach you what THEY want you to learn. Such as evolution and many other things that us Christians think are wrong. They point she made was that they have us for so long, they can teach us anything, and without proper guidance, we could easily believe them. And how being homeschooled you get to pick what you want to learn, and don't have to take all of that evolution and things.

Another thing, kids in school these days, and MANY others agree with me, are so wrapped in to drugs, swearing, sexual things, and tons of other sins. If we put our kids in that kid of environment, they will become to be like that. "You become like the people you are most with."

I was in public school until about 1/4 into 7th grade. I didn't like it at ALL! There were kids on my bus who did drugs, people swearing all the time, and they just didn't care about what they were doing. So being homeschooled is a HUGE blessing for me. I get to choose my friends more smartly, and most of them come from Church, co-op, or an online site that the homeschooling I do has. Most are Christians and we get to talk about God and how He's been helping us in different areas and what He's been teaching us.

That's just a little overview on my homeschooling and why I think that homeschooling is the right choice.


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Molly said...

Thanks, Emily! And yeah, I think that is so great, too. It'd be hard for me to talk to a guy about things like that over the phone or in person. I don't know why. I've been asking God for more boldness to talk about Him, and He has been giving it to me. I just need to obey God and step out of my comfort zone... everytime He calls me out of it.

I've been thinking a lot lately about going to public school. Something in me really wants to go next year... something in me feels that I should. I've been praying and thinking about it and I know God will let me know what He wants me to do. So if you could pray for me in that area, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for that post!