Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year

Well, happy new year everyone!! I have my resolutions for the year, a.k.a. goals. You can see them when you scroll down on the right hand side. I just finished my devotions for the day. I decided to do the devotional book that my mom got me for the year instead of the other one. And then I read my Bible in 90 days challenge. It took me a little over an hour and I stayed decently focused. I was surprised. In the devotional book I did it has a hymn and then a little bit about the hymn and a verse. Today was really good. It talked about how at the beginning of a new year we can be thankful that we have another whole year to be with God, whether we live the whole year or die, we will still be with God. It was just really good. The hymn talked about another year being a servant for God and the way it was laid out was soo great!

Well, I am sorry that this is late...But I was traveling and doing my devotions when I got home.

Today's Bible reading is Genesis 1:1-Genesis16:16 if you are doing the Bible challenge.

I'll do better tomorrow now that I'm home!


P.S. --I will post the Reader's Pick tomorrow because of lack of time. And I will put up the new poll as well.

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