Friday, December 14, 2007


I want to apologize one last time. I'm sorry that I haven't been getting great things out. BUT, I finally got something to post and time to post. So I'm going to post it...Haha

It's on prayer. Praying is a vital part in a Christian life. God can do great things when we pray. But there are a few things I've been learning about prayer lately and I thought I'd share them with you. I have been cautious when I tell someone that I'll pray for them. I read an article in "Today's Christian Woman" about praying for one another. Of course it's GREAT to pray for other people. But don't say you'll pray for them unless you can commit to truly praying for them. I have started a prayer journal that I write all my prayer requests in. I have my committed prayers and ones I thought of that I need to pray for when I think about them.

We often feel so sorry for another person that it's just a 'second-nature' to say, I'll pray for you. It does help, but only if you REALLY are going to commit to praying for them. I have recently started commiting in my prayer time. I have a few friends who are going through a rough time in their life and have told them I would pray for them. Even if they think it's just going to be a 'when ever she remembers' thing, their wrong. If I have commited to praying for someone I truly do now. I used to always say "I'll pray for you", but did I really pray for them? No. Only occasionally would I remember and actually pray for them. I'm doing MUCH better now. And have read that article it really opened my eyes to what my prayer life should really consist of.

I hope you have been encouraged and will change your ways of praying if need be.



brclybunch said...

Amen, to that Em. It is easy to say "I'll pray for you"...but we really need to actually PRAY for them. And to be honest to our promise.

I have my prayer list saved in word and it is saved to my desk top...that way it is easy to get to, and I can make changes if need be.

Molly said...

I agree with you, Emily. That's why I'm careful when I tell people that I'll pray for them, too. I have a list written down in my "Spiritual Journal" of prayer requests, but I don't keep it updated enough... I don't pray for the requests that I write down enough. I have been trying to be more careful, which is why I usually write them down.

Good post!