Sunday, November 4, 2007


I wanted to post this yesterday, but I kinda put it off. So I'll post it today. It was what I learned in 'The Girl in the Mirror.' She took us to James first. And used the verses 3:1-18. It is about how you can not have sweet and bitter water, or salt and fresh water. It explained that we can not have a middle like sweet and sour sauce. We must be either sweet or bitter, salt or fresh. We should not have the best of two things, such as, I'm a Christian, but I'll listen to worldly music. Which is the way I was and I'm working on that. There are so many things to compare.

I challenge any of you to start writing a list of qualities that are good. For example:
-willing to listen or learn
-Full of mercy
-Full of good fruits
-without partiality
-without hypocrisy

Make a list for each area in your life. Then go through it daily and work on each quality. Just do one a day, or try and do a few a day. I'm starting my list and I want to be able to live up to it. Obviously you should base your list upon Scripture. All of those things were taken from James 3:17. Proverbs is an even better place to look up things for a list. Also, it may be nice to write the verse that you got it from and what book and everything, so then if you start second guessing it, or need to see it once again, you can look it up quickly. I wish you all luck on your lists!! I hope you enjoyed!!



kaleb said...

thats a great idea to work on qualitys day by day, interestingly enough, benjamin franklin tried this too but he found out that it was nearly imposible to do more than one per day, although that was him and he did say something about people haveing a naturel need for god or something like that, this just reminded me of that.

Emily said...

I'm glad you liked it Kaleb! And yes, it is hard to work on a few a day, but just one a day and adding another each day is a great challenge!