Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lessons from kids

I was recently thinking about how kids teach us soooo much! I'm here at Lisa's house for a few days and I just love spending time with her family and growing in God. Here are 2 examples that kids teach us. There are many more.

1st--In Mike and Lisa's home, everything is God-centered. One thing that I hear the kids say I find very challenging! Her kids are [almost] 5, 3, and 1. Now the babies don't talk yet, buuuut the older kids. Wow. Haha. They memorize Scripture. It is sooo challenging to me to see to little kids at the ages of 5 and 3 knowing more Scripture than I do!! Every night they have a Bible time with the whole family, and following the tell their daddy what verses they had to memorize for the day. So they did. Then for the Thanksgiving they have learned all of Psalms 100. Stephanie, the older one goes straight through it with no problem. David needs few promtings and gets through it. It's just amazing to see how young they are and that the CAN memorize Scripture.

2nd--David tends to not like at least one item of food at supper time. But Mike and Lisa make him at least TRY it. Meaning he must chew and sallow one bite. And it's often a small bite. When he doesn't like it, he will hold it in his mouth for a looong period of time, at the same time saying, "I don't perfer it." Over and over again. Buut, as we all know, the longer it's in our mouth, the worse it's going to be. Some how little children just don't understand that. Haha. But I was thinking just this morning, how much we are like him. Not in the way we eat neccessarily, but in how we sin. We keep sinning and have so much pain. And we just don't always understand that in order to be happy again, we just need to get rid of it. I hope that challenged you as much as it challenged me!!!

One more thing. Babies. Even before now, like...maybe in August or September, it is AMAZING how young they are sinning. But just because they are little babies does not mean they cannot learn. They learned, deception at a young age. As in, 'brother has a toy I want, so if I go close to him and act like he took it from me, I will get it.' Seriously, that's what they would do!!! And also, a good way of know that they CAN learn to not do something, when they are eating the like to scream happily. That is not obviously the right thing for in the house and they KNOW that, because all you have to do is give them a certain glance and they know to stop exactly that! It's just so amazing. How often do we do that? We should respond not only to our parents when they do that, but to God. When He gives us a stare because we are sinning, we should STOP the sin and ask for forgiveness.

I must go for now, but there are MANY more stories about these kids and this family that I love to share. I'll post back later with anything new I may find.



Holly said...

I really like your second lesson, Emily! The way he holds it in his mouth while saying, "I don't prefer it," reminds me of how so often we humans do what we *don't* want to do and yet don't do what we really *want* to do! That struggle of Paul's is definitely one that I face too often, so the sin analogy you wrote up was really neat for me to read. Hopefully I remember it next time I need to! ;)

Holly D (from the Rebelution)

Emily said...

Thank you so much! I know that is soooo true!

Anonymous said...

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