Saturday, November 3, 2007

90 Day Challenge

I was on the rebelution site today [ ] and I was in the prayer section and found something interesting. It is a challenge, the girl wanted prayer to succeed in this challenge.

The challenge is to read your WHOLE Bible in 90 days. Here is the schedule...

I challenge anyone who is willing to do it. I am going to start on January 1. And that is going to be one of my 'New Year's Resolutions.' I hope that you will all take the challenge with me. You have some time to prepare. I just thought I'd mention it now. You could ask God to help you decide and that He would help you through it. I pray that you would all try it!

I will post the Bible reading every day on my blog, but you can print it out.

Also, I challenge you to not JUST read it. LEARN from it. As you are reading, KNOW what you are reading and apply it to your life. If you do it and succeed, you will get mentioned, and also, post a 'certificate' when I finish that you can print out.

I hope you all will at least think about it!!


Alyssa said...

That sounds like a noble challange. But the whole bible is ALOT to read in just 90 days. I don't think I could do it.

Anonymous said...

Cool idea!! I've tried doing that before, and I've failed every time. But I think I could do it if I started on January 1st again. You might need to remind me when the new year comes... haha. But thanks for posting that!

Brett said...

Alex and I did this last year and it was tremendously fruitful. We did it in 50 days and had several other friends doing it at the same time to keep us accountable. Basically you just have to commit to spending your extra time reading God's Word (carry your Bible with you everywhere). You'll be surprised how that changes you. =)

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