Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Good day for thoughts...

Hi everyone!!

So first off I'd like to say that I had another bad start. I didn't get up until after 8 o'clock. Grr... Buuut, as far as school goes, I did get my 2nd unit in math finished, as well as my 2nd unit in science. I almost got my english finished when my computer started having issues. So I'll finish it tomorrow.

My mommy [yes, I still call my mom mommy sometimes.] made me and my brother waffles for lunch!! They were yummy! And then I went with my mom after lunch to take supper to the Troll's.

The Troll's are a family in our youth group and Mrs.Troll just had her 6th baby last week. Her oldest is a girl that is in 8th grade. It was amazing, I have never really been to their house and stayed for a little while. The family works together so well, and the children's obeying skills are excellent!! The oldest girl and boy, who is in 7th, help in all the ways that they can. They help with the baby and the one and a half year old, and the other girl who is in 2nd grade loves to help as well. It was just amazing to see such a togetherness in the family.

When I got home I did my devotions. Well, kinda. I did my Proverbs. Proverbs 31, and while I was reading I noticed that the chapter is exactly 31 verses long. So I thought in January, the start of a new year, I could do a month study on Proverbs 31. And each day take a verse, starting with verse one, and study one verse a day for the month of January.

Then I was going to start my book called 'The Girl in the Mirror', and I was reading the introduction and I found out that it is a book about all of Proverbs and where women are mentioned in Proverbs!! So I thought I'll wait until tomorrow to start on chapter one. I have a really wierd habit of everything having to be in order, and well, on the first day. Haha. So I'll post more about that tomorrow.

Then I just kinda hung around looking at sites until supper and then we went to church.

At church my youth leader read and spent most of the time on my papers I gave him. The one was about the contemporary music and how it is failing to 'keep' people in the Word of God. It 'gets' them there, but it doesn't hold them for long because they get tired of it and go back to regular worldly things. The other was about the 'kidult' and how adults are getting to there 20's/late 20's and are still playing video games for many many hours a day. So we had a little bit of discussion on both of those topics.

Because we spent most of the time on those topics, we only had 10 minutes left for Pilgrim's Progress. We were talking about the study sheet and who got them done when Nathan and some one else said that they didn't get number three. It was a question about what I talked about yesterday, and how depending on our strength or weakness in God determines the amout of joy and peace and all the other things we will have. It was so amazing. And I shared that with him that I had really gotten that from that part of the book.

Here's a challenge I have decided to take on my own.
-~-No T.V. for 1 month.
Soooo, starting tomorrow I am not going to watch any T.V./movie all of the month of November. Please pray that the Lord would help me through this time and that I would not give in to the temptation of watching T.V. while the rest of my family is doing it. ~Thank you.

Well, that's all for today. I need to sleep so I can have a better day tomorrow!!


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