Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Update on my life

Technically, I have two cleaning updates. But I'm just going to show you the one.'s my new desk!!!! I went to walmart and bought the to clear drawers for it. HEHE...While I was at walmart I kinda bought this lamp too....
So thats an update on my room. Also, I finished my devotions in "Cultivating Contentment" and started a new devotion book. Its by Elizabeth George, called "A Young Woman's Call to Prayer." And I have done the first 3 chapters now. It is really good and I hope that it will help me in my prayer life and also help me develop better praying habits and a better relationship with the Lord.
As for english, I have one more story to read and then the unit quizes and essay for unit 3. Then I just have one more unit to do. So I'm excited about that. I ready 3 stories yesterday and 2 today. So it's coming along.
I start working on a farm on Saturday!!! I know, that sounds weird to be excited about, but I've kind of been wanting to start getting our barn fixed up and cleaned and get animals like cows, and possibly another horse, but I figured I'd give it a shot at a real farm before I go and run into problems. I'll be working at a family from co-op's farm on Thursdays or Saturdays. This week it will be Saturday, and I'm supposed to be there at 6am! I'm going to learn how they milk the cows and goats and things. I'm really excited about this new experience!!!! Pray for me as you think about it, that the Lord would give me strength.
Well, that's it for now.

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