Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just a quick note--

Hey everyone!

Just want to say thanks to everyone who reads my blog! It is late [almost midnight] and I just got some more english done...Till my school site decided to say that the internet was disconnected...Which clearly it is not. So I got a lot of english done in the past 3 days. And I only have one essay to write and one more test to take!! I should be able to finish tomorrow morning!!!

Then I can start cleaning my room!!! I do have one more subject I need to get done. Web Design. But it's not a top top priority. And it's not too hard to do. So I should be able to finish that before I start my new school year...Which I don't get much of a break...Haha. Oh well. It kept my summer busy.

I already have books for 2 of my subjects for school. I have my english, "Introduction to Mass Media" and my history, "World Religions." So I'm getting excited for my final year!!!! It's kind of scary though, because after this, I have to grow up.

Upcoming posts will include.....
-7 Myths Society Believes
-Growing Up
-Knowing the Answer

Hope all of you are doing well!!


Under Southern Skies said...

Looking forward to the upcoming topics! :)

Sarah Modene said...

Wow, Emily... it sounds like you have some awesome goals for your future life! I'm impressed...!! :D

Thanks for commenting; I'm glad you found the post interesting! :)