Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's been a few days...

I thought maybe now I should update. I have come to a decision about something.

I stopped reading my Bible on day 3. I didn't have time/just didn't make the time. So I will not be doing the Bible in 90 days challenge anymore. But I will continue to read through the Bible, just not in 90 days. I encourage those who are doing it to keep on track and keep going! I'm praying for those who are doing the challenge. Remember that you can do it but only with the Lord's help.

Work has been fun. Everyone there is nice and we just have a good time. Today I have to work from 11-5. I plan on posting later if I get time or make time.

But I just thought I'd update you all on how my life has been.


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Ally said...

personally I think the 90 days thing is not really practical because if you just rush through reading just to get through it, it doesn't really do you any good.