Thursday, December 27, 2007

Very Blessed

In December 25th's Our Daily Bread [find the link under Devotion Sites] the story is about a couple going through some really hard trials with money.

They decided to have a party and invite all their friends. For a tree they had what they called a "Blessing Tree". It had pieces of paper tied on as ornaments and each paper had a blessing on it that the Lord had provided through the year.

Instead of getting upset because they didn't have much money to spend, they stayed focused on God and remembered to praise Him for their blessings.

Starting January 1st, every time something happens that is blessing, I'm going to write it on a piece of paper. Then in December I will start hanging them on my little Christmas tree. The ones that don't fit I will hang elsewhere in my room. What a great way to remember what God has done for you! I hope that you may try the same thing and write all your blessings down!


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Molly said...

Sounds like a really good idea, Emily!! Thanks for sharing.

And I'm glad you had a great Christmas. :]