Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just a Reminder

I just wanted to leave a small reminder for everyone. It's because of what happened last night...I gave into the temptation of music, and when I got up this morning I felt horrible.

We all fail sometimes, but God will forgive us if we ask. But instead of going right back into doing it, we need to endure the temptations.

Yes, it is a hard battle to overcome sin. The devil puts thoughts in our minds, and stumbling blocks. What we need to do is pray that the thoughts would be removed and try to focus on other things. For those stumbling blocks, again, pray and 'step over' them without falling. Sure, sometimes we do fall, but God will pick us back up.

What I want to remind you all is that if we strive to be more Christ-like, endure those hard times and trials, and keep strong in God, take time to do devotions and take time to pray, we will be well blessed in the end.

Be thankful for the days you have, the victories you win, and the trails you face. Because in the end it will be WELL worth it.

I hope that all made sense. And that your day would be blessed!



Molly said...

Aw Emily it's so good that you can admit your failures, though. We all fail, and when we can humbly admit that and go to God - humbly - and ask for forgiveness, we will be forgiven.
Thanks for this post.

Oh, and I just realized that my one post's topic is "Intimacy With God"... and yours is, too. And I think we did it on the same day. Haha sorry, I didn't try it!

Emily said...

Yea...I noticed that too! LOL!! We think WAY too much alike!!