Monday, December 3, 2007

The Christmas Season

I have been on a few blogs and I have found that a good many have at least one article on the whole Christmas season.

Why are we so worried about getting everyone the 'perfect' present? Why do we spend so much money on gifts that, 'they won't even enjoy in three months.' Why do we do all this running, worrying, 'I NEED to get' that kind of thing? It's not what matters during the Christmas season. Christmas is a time to remember Christ's birth. To remember WHY God sent Him in the first place. To later redeem us so that we could be saved and get to Heaven.

People stress themselves so much at Christmas time. Santa is not real. And my thoughts on telling your kids that he [or any other seasonal character] is real, is just teaching them a lie, and could put a small dent in their trust towards you. The world has gotten in to most all of our seasons. Christmas and Easter are the big ones. How about instead of buying them 'everything' on their wishlist, [that could get you in to debt] set a spending limit, or a present amount. Such as each child gets $50[or less] in gifts of their choice,[or your choice] or each child gets 3 gifts each. Don't get stressed over the holidays that will be gone in two days, spend time in the Word that you may remember why we even celebrate Christmas.

Yesterday I was looking through the Gospels. I have decided that Luke has 24 chapters in it, so I'm going to read a chapter a day [two one day because I'm a day behind] and be finished on Christmas Eve. What a great way to set a goal in order to remember Christ during this Christmas season.


On a Joyful Journey! said...

Hey Em, I love your idea about reading a chapter of Luke daily for the month - Maybe I'll "piggyback" on your idea and read it along with you! Thanks for this needed encouragement for Christians as we look to not just make the Christmas season a time of annoyance and busyness, but a time of reflection and adoration! Lovingly, Lisa

Molly said...

That is such a cool idea to read Luke like that, Emily!! You come up with the neatest things.
I liked your post - and I agree with it. The world has gotten into Christmas SO much. Like santa... I don't agree with telling kids that he's real. It takes away from the true, real meaning of Christmas - Jesus' birth.
Thanks for your encouragement, Emily. You are such an inspiration.