Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why do we carry these burdens?

I receive the blog posts of Revive Our Hearts daily...The other days really got me thinking...

She said how that if we are going to move to say...a desert, we would not want to burden ourselves with snowsuits. So why as Christians do we burden ourselves with behaviors, lifestyles, and habits that we will regret when we stand before God?? We should embrace holiness to prepare us for eternity. We should act godly, not worldly. We need to be diligent to be without spot or blemish when we get to Heaven. Now obviously we can't be perfect, but if we are diligent and continue to try and be more Christ-like, it will be all worth it.
Nancy always includes a personal question at the end of the blog post, and it said,
"Is there an ongoing habit or choice in your life that you'd be ashamed of when you get to heaven? Why not repent? Take another step in preparing for your eternal home."

What a challenging thing. We if we will be ashamed of it when we get to Heaven, why are we not ashamed of it here? Think about the music you listen to, clothes you wear, things you say, things you think, the list goes on and on. Repent of your sins and strive to be better. We need to be preparing for our eternal home, what is here does not matter.



Molly said...

I loved that post. Where do you get Nancy Leigh DeMoss's blog posts? They sound really good. And challenging... which is a good thing!

Emily said...

Well...Let me think about that...go to Revive Our Hearts, click e-mail subscriptions, type in the info that is required, and then at the bottom it askes what you would like to subscribe to, click, "The Daily Connection", and whatever else you may want.

Molly said...

Ohh I think I'm already signed up to that! haha duh sometimes my mind is just... not working lol.

Thanks anyway!