Thursday, November 8, 2007

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Yes, I know. It is late for me to be typing. I usually type in the mornining.

Well, I got up at about 7 this morning. I got really mad a blew up at my mom. It was horrible. After she left to go walk, I felt soooo terrible. About 10 minutes later, Gail called. [my mom's friend] I talked to her for a little while and helped me through it. Then when my mom got back she talked to Gail. I ate breakfast and read my Proverbs and went to to German class online. After it was over I went out to the kitchen and apologized to my mom. It was hard, but it felt great!

Then I went to my room and I did my school I got done about 11. I messed around online for a while and then I did my devotions.

The day is going MUCH better than it started! And it's only by God's grace. I prayed multiple times to Him to help me keep the right attitude and not get so frustrated.

Well, I am going to start on a project, which is posted above. So I better go now!


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