Thursday, November 22, 2007

Meeting With God Every Day

Nancy made 3 points in today's chapter on general principles of establishing a personal devotion life.

1] A Consistent Practice. That would mean making it a priority and really doing it every day! We need a daily supply of the Bread of life. Just like God made us to need food, we need His Word and guidance as well. Here is a quote from the book.
"Of course, there's a danger that a daily quiet time or any other spiritual discipline can deteriorate into a lifeless routine. But I have discovered that it is much easier to breathe life back into a dead routine than get life where there is no routine at all."
Another thing she mentions is that when we meet with God daily, it does not only satisfy us. It also satisfies Him, because He loves us and wants to spend time with us.

2] In the Morning. I personally like to do my devotions in the morning as well. Because I get them done and my day is started with God, nothing else. And if God is our number 1 priority, He should be what starts our day. She mentions many Scripture that she feels point to the morning as being the best time. Psalm 5:3, 88:13, 57:8-9, 119:147, 143:8; Isaiah 50:4. She mentions that we may have to get up earlier than regular, but with a decent bed time it can be done. She mentions how the TV can also prevent a regular bed time. [I thought that was interesting since I'm evaluating my TV time]

3] A Solitary Place. We need to find a quiet place to be able to spend our time with God. We can have a set place, or if we are some where else, we may change it. It could be in a bathroom, closet, hallway, ect. As long as we are alone and it is quiet. There are a few testimonies mentioned about how mothers found quiet places before their kids get up. The one mother mentioned of how she would have her quiet time in the bathroom, and that when her son would get up, he would go find mommy, put his hand under the door, and hold her foot until she came out. The children of the house should KNOW that mommy and daddy spend quiet time alone with God and that they are not to interrupt them during that time.

As you can see, I'm learning more each day. This book is a good starting point to getting my priorities straight and what I do in my day.


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