Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A little more on modesty

I just finished my devotions. And wow!!! It was day 2 on modesty. And it was just so amazing what she talked about. It was on the wrong kind of modesty. Using the verses in Proverbs 7, mainly verses 9-10. And the harlot dresses immodestly because she wants to make men fall into temptation and then sin. She made the comment that, "you act differently based on how you are dressed." And I find that very true in my own life. If I dress a certain way, I tend to be that way. If I dress immodestly, I tend to be a little too out going and rude, and things like that. When I dress modestly I tend to be nice, kind, and slow to being upset. And I also have the right attitudes.

A question she used in reflection time was, "Is it known of you that you want to please God? Is that your testimony?" I had to answer that I am working on that. I do want to please God, but I don't always dress properly. It is one of the harder areas in my life, but the Lord is helping me! And I need to be patient and do what He wants for me.

Hope you all were encouraged today!! I'll probably post some more later.



Alyssa said...

yeah, it's true. Your dress can reflect your character.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is so true!! I was just thinking about that today actually. The way you dress definitely reflects how you act!