Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hi everyone,

Sorry about yesterday's post. I've been busy this weekend...Haha!

Saturday I was at Heather's and I had a TREMENDOUS headache/migrane thing. It was terrible. Buuut, it slowly went away. When I got home from Heather's we went out to eat with some friends. Then we went back to their house and we didn't leave until 10:30!! Late for us.....Haha.

So today I had Church of course. I didn't really get to hear much of any message! I was secretary for Sunday School, and then after that was choir. And then we had to go downstairs for something or other about what we're doing for Christmas, but me and Heather were excused early and got to hear some of Mike's message because Pastor was away.

Well, I made some cards this afternoon, but for sake of certain people reading this...I am going to wait until after I get home to post them...Hehe!! I did that for a while this afternoon.

I've been learning a lot in my devotions, I'll probably post about them in a little bit...

I've been working a bit on my binder...I did a lot at my Aunt Heather's but I just need it printed now...Then I'll be working on my next section...When I get it done I will post pictures.

Well, I'm gonna go for a little bit...

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