Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Enchanted" Movie Critique

Here is my movie 'critique' :

It was a good movie...But that's in my fleshes eyes. Here is the list I came up with that was not good about it that a Christian should not be watching.
#1-There is a good bit of immodesty. The dresses are just a liiittle too low.
#2-It would be classified as fairytale, so in all reality, it is a lie.
#3-There is the cartoon world part, resulting in the 'third wolrd' or 'there's more out there' type of thing that we should not watch.
#4-There was kissing, "So what, it's just kissing." Kissing can lead to desires of getting kissed yourself, making your thoughts be unpure.
#5-It talks about fairytale life, all of your dreams will come true, but they won't.
#6-There were 2 parts in it that I particularly did not like. The girl is getting out of the shower in own part, but there are birds there with a towel. The other was when Robert was in a robe, and the top part was a little open showing his chest hair, and she was being lured in by that.
#7-The music was not ALL that bad. Just regular, old fairytale music, nothing of today's music. Not much anyway. The music was a tad upbeat, but it was something I was able to not focus on.
#8-There is magic in it. There is not such thing as magic.

There wasn't anything to truly learn and apply in the movie.
I can't really think of much else. I know, it was not very informative. It is one of those movies, that you understand better when you are older, such knooow that it's not real. I've been having the kind of thoughts that, well, I KNOW there is no 'other world' out there and no such thing as magic type thing. So it doesn't really hurt to watch it...right? Wrong, it is still wrong to watch. Now, you can, as I have, use it as a learning time. It is REALLY hard not to try and put yourself into the movie, because you want it to be real. So you have to have the right kind of mindset going into the movie. I prayed before I watched it, that the Lord would let it be a learning time.

One thing, when I watch movies like that, fairytales, love movies, I think, "UH! WHY do I have to be a Christian that wants to serve God?!?! I want that fairytale ending! I want to kiss NOW, not wait until I get married!" That is how our minds work. And if we are letting ourselves think that way, it is a sin. And I see how by not watching those kinds of movies I do not get those kinds of feelings often. You say it doesn't affect you, but it does. Even if you can't tell, it is still there.

I hope all that made sense. Thanks for reading!



Molly Sipling said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Emily! I'm trying to work on it, but I got stressed out again today and got a little angry again. :[

I was just thinking about those SAME things! Haha. I'm not going to stop watching the movies that I watch, though, because if I looked into every little thing I definitely wouldn't be able to watch anything at all. I guess I just don't feel convicted about it... buuut I AM careful about what I watch. I want to serve my Lord in ALL that I do. But like the contemporary Christian music thing, I'm not convicted about the movies I watch. BUT I understand exactly what you mean! I AM careful on what I watch so I definitely understand.

Never give up, Emily. Remember that your good choices and sacrifices will always be worth it.

Emily said...

Thanks Molly!!

Bill Reichart said...

I do think there were some interesting and redeeming messages in Enchanted, I posted some of my thoughts here: