Sunday, November 18, 2007


Hi everyone!

I'm at my aunt and uncle's house for a little while this week. I'm going home Thursday. So I get a short break. I'm going to be tested I know. But I'll be praying and I hope you will pray for me as well!

Wednesday we are going to the movie theater to see the new movie, "Enchanted". I have talked to Lisa about it. Here is what she said after I told her that I would use it as a learning time and not get upset...
"To use it as a time of discernment is key to the whole process. And making sure this is a 'tool' in your spiritual growth process (sanctification!) is the point... not necessarily just not watching ANY TV."
So that is what I will be doing. I will watch the movie and mentally think about it and different things. I'm going to 'critique' it. So I'll post my 'critique' on Wednesday night or Thursday sometime.

Sooooo...Today...Let's see...I got up a little after 7. Then I ate breakfast...My mom made waffles!!! Then I got ready for Church and finished packing some things for Heather's. Then we left for Church. I got to drive.

Rick has been teaching on witnessing and how the more we do it the better it will become second nature...

Then I helped in toddler church. It was just me and Megan with 5 kids, but they were REALLY good. So we were thankful for that.

Then I went home and waited awhile, trying to find more things that I hadn't packed. Then we finally left. We came back here to their house for a while and then we went to their church.

There is this really nice girl there named Becca and she asked if I wanted to sit with her because Mark and Heather had to teach a class. So I sat with her. We learned about 'peculiar' people and what they are to be. It was a really good message.

Now we are home and -sigh- we are watching a movie. I'm going to go and do my devotions and then I'm probably going to bed.


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